Message from the Executive Director
Gale McKoy Wilkins
Gale McKoy Wilkins
Executive Director

Executive Director's letter

The first Day of Unity was created on October 1981 by, the National Coalition against Domestic Violence and has since then progressed. Its evolution has become Domestic Violence Awareness Month, including local, state and national levels participation through various activities. These efforts do more than get the word out about crimes committed against women. These efforts help protect and prevent the lives of women, children and their families.

North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory has professed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. “Last year, domestic violence programs throughout our state served nearly 57,345 victims and provided shelter for about 14,543 victims,” said First Lady Ann McCrory. The numbers stated by our First Lady, highlight a few points. One is that we have the ability as people to cater to those in need. The other is that there is still more action we have to do to lower these numbers.

This month, the N.C. Council for Women will host the Women and Girls Initiative. This interactive event will feature representatives from different organizations in North Carolina, and young women and girls in middle school through college. ribon
The intent is to challenge the esteem levels in our young women and give them tools and insight on how to bring out: Confidence, Competence and Courage. Lack of the three C’s mentioned above contribute to some of the horrific crimes committed against women. The CFW will be using our influence to connect our young women and girls to networks and also to inspire them to be leaders, not victims.