Message from the Executive Director
Gale McKoy Wilkins
Gale McKoy Wilkins
Executive Director

Executive Director's letter

July 2014

Madeleine Albright was recognized in 2013 for public service and leadership accomplishments as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and as the United States Secretary of State. As the first woman to hold the nation's top diplomatic post, U.S. Secretary of State, Madam Albright often urged women in public service to do their jobs with an eye on making improvements; "if women in government do their jobs, they will improve the lot of women and girls everywhere. They will raise issues that others overlook, pass bills that others oppose, put money into projects others ignore, and seek an end to abuses others accept."

As the state's leading voice the Council for Women is compelled to advocate for women and families, to identify and address the problems women and families are facing.

Why do we need a Council for Women?

  • We advocate for women and families who according to the Status for Women in NC still face disparities.
  • We coordinate efforts for women and empower women.
  • We advise the Governor, state legislators, and leaders on issues that impact women.

Our voice is present in all 100 counties as we coordinate our efforts through our four regional offices.

Each region director oversees programs and initiatives. They travel frequently to local programs and monitor service delivery, provide assistance to volunteer boards to ensure quality services are provided. They develop relationships with local organizations, network in the communities and provide invaluable information to our central office where managing staff oversee their efforts.

No other agency in state government is as proficient at program management through field supervision.

The Council is an advocacy agency, assuring that our influence, and responsibility to ourselves is heard. On July 23, we will advocate and build awareness of issues impacting the lives of women in Robeson County. Community and business partners will participate in a lunch time panel discussion on the Status of Women in Robeson County, NC. This report highlights how work, education, health, and political participation impact women and their families.

Congratulations to two women leaders who were recently featured in Durham Magazine as non-profit leaders and Durham's Extraordinary Women: Aurelia Sands Belle, Executive Director, and Durham Crisis Response Center, and Gail Mills, co-founder, Durham Rescue Mission. These remarkable public servants are just a few women who are reaching back, lifting up and taking on issues that change the lives of others. We are beginning to see women lives broaden and deepen. The NC Council for Women continues to be the voice for women who cannot speak for themselves.

Gale McKoy Wilkins

Executive Director